Be Spoilt for Choice Suspension Bases


  • Classic Base

    i. A creamy, slightly yellow suspension base made for suspending mica and pigments. It can be coloured with our liquid pigments or mica powder to create traditional coloured nail polishes such as cremes andpastels

    ii. On application, it is quick drying and spreads evenly on the nail, producing a hard wearing, attractive professional gloss finish

  • Clear Gel Base

    i. A clear, thicker suspension base for suspending glitter. The consistency of this base makes it very popular when producing glitter polishes as it can suspend any size glitter

    ii. Liquid pigments can be added to create jelly polishes (where the coloured polish has transparency). The Gel base has a slightly heavy viscosity which is ideal for creating pure glitter polishes which can be applied over a coloured base coat. This base is useful when minimum colour separation is required

  • Supper Matte Base

    i. A creamy, suspension base made for suspending pigments to create Matte finish Nail Polish. It can be coloured with our liquid pigments to create coloured nail polishes with a Matte finish

    ii. On application, it is quick drying and spreads evenly on the nail, producing a hard wearing, attractive professional Matte finish

  • Sand Effect Base

    i. This long lasting Sand Nail polish dries to a mattish finish gliding smooth on your nails to give a gorgeous chip-free Sand effect creating a trend with the hint of shimmer with it.

    ii. This base readily mixes with pigments and glitters to give that glittery effect if required.

  • Non-UV Gel Base

    i. Latest and greatest nail craze Non-UV Gel Base forgo the cost of salon visit and give equally good results sitting in your home. It saves you the hassle of removing it by any special treatment.

    ii. It is a hybrid between a classic nail colour and UV gel polish. It gives you the luxury to plasticize the nails without using the UV light helping your nails to look super glossy.

    iii. Can be mixed with normal pigments to create that glossy look.

  • Neon Base

    i. This base is specifically crafted for manufacturing of neon/fluorescent effect nail polishes. Regular bases make fluorescent/neon nail polishes dull and take away the florescence effect of the nail polish.

    ii. This base helps in retaining the shine and fluorescence effect of the nail polish and gels perfectly with the fluorescent pigments to create that magic effect.

Colour Solutions

Colour Solutions add colour to nail polish. Being liquid based they distribute evenly throughout nail polish bases and can be easily mixed to create any shade or colour.

Unlike coloured oxide powders, liquid pigments eliminate streaking in nail polish for a professional salon fresh finish. Sage Colour Solutions are some of the most highly concentrated pigments available. Only a small quantity is required for full coverage.

Our pigments comply with current global regulations and are available in different colours that can be used alone or combined to create endless shades.

Red 6

C.I. 15850

Red 7

C.I. 15850

Red 34

C.I. 15880

Blue 1

C.I. 42090

Blue 2

C.I. 42090

Yellow 5

C.I. 19140


C.I. 15850


C.I. 15850


C.I. 15850

(Titanium Dioxide)

C.I. 15850

Iron Oxides
(Yellow, Red & Black)

C.I. 15850

Ready to Fill Nail Polish

You can rely on our expertise to of colour matching so that you get ready to fill nail polish in bulk which you can fill directly in the bottles under your own brand. If your core strength is marketing then leave the hassles of filling the nail polish bottles on as we fill the bottles and pack it as per your specifications which can directly go on the shelf for sale.

Finished Products

You will be spoilt for choice with Sage as we have a huge portfolio of products. Following list in not exhaustive but will give you an idea of the range of products that we have;

UV Gel Polish
Nail polish removers