At Your Service

OEM / Contract Manufacturing

We provide end to end solution as a complete package as well as bulk components like Suspension Bases, Coloured Bases, Bentone Gel and Colour Solutions.
Our lead times are short, enabling us to provide quick deliveries to customers. The wide array of colours in our library allows us to meet or add new colours for every season in line with international trends and forecasts with extreme ease.
In our dedicated colour-matching lab, we can match or duplicate any colour you can think of in no time. Using our in-house technology for dispersion and milling of pigments, we ensure ready mixing with our thixotropic bases to create superior gloss and stability of the finished product.
Backward integration for packing materials enables us to stock a vast array of glass bottles, plastic containers, caps and brushes in a variety of sizes. We use high quality labels which have non-toxic glue yet provide superior adhesion. The ink used for printing is smudge-proof and chemical resistant.


Contract Production Development

Sage has a team of highly qualified scientists who are completely dedicated to innovative cutting-edge products. Sage is well equipped to convert ideas into product innovation and can work on concepts to bring new products into fruition. The R&D team works closely with every customer to provide regular updates and send samples at crucial stages for approval.

For all development projects, high quality raw materials are used and sourced from trusted vendors to ensure that the product meets global regulatory requirements while keeping costs minimum to meet set objectives.

The R&D lab is fully equipped with latest equipments and instruments to handle coloured cosmetics as well as other cosmetic and personal care products. We offer formulation development services for following products.